About Modelo

Modelo was founded to help professionals who work with CAD software, including Revit, Rhino, and SketchUp, more intuitively collaborate with team members to perfect their designs and interactively present them.

Our name, Modelo, comes from combining the word 'model' because we work seamlessly with all CAD models and the letter 'o' because we believe great design is a continuous process of composition, collecting feedback, and refinement. Our name underpins our mission to support that ongoing process by being a comprehensive centralized communication, collaboration, and presentation platform for CAD users.

Our products: Revolutionizing communication for CAD professionals and their team members

Modelo offers two solutions: a presentation platform to help you present CAD files in 3D, VR, and tour panoramic images. Our second, and more comprehensive product, is a Design Asset Management (DAM) platform. Our DAM solution includes all of Modelo's presentation features, as well as additional functionality, including Building Information Modeling (BIM) data, to help you connect workflows, manage design assets, conduct design reviews, and present your vision in a sharable, secure, online environment.


Qi Su
Co-Founder and CEO
Tian Deng
Co-Founder and CPO
Hongwei Li
Dan Amato

Qi Su

CEO and Co-Founder of Modelo, Qi Su, partnered with Tian Deng in 2014 to start Modelo after noticing an easy-to-use, web-based application for collaborating and presenting 3D and VR CAD designs was missing from the industry. Qi is responsible for defining the company's vision and strategy and ensuring the strategy is implemented successfully. He is actively involved in all areas of the business including product development, sales, marketing, and recruiting. Hailing originally from China, over the last 15 years, Qi has worked hard throughout Asia and North America to build a commanding resume which includes a Masters qualification from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He translates this strong background into building a company and a product that serves the specific requirements of AEC professionals throughout the world.
Qi is a soccer player (a middle field striker) and a motorcycle lover. When not in the office, he enjoys spending time with his lovely daughter and wife.

Tian Deng

Chief Products Officer and Co-Founder of Modelo, Tian Deng shared Qi Su's vision in 2014 for a web application that would allow CAD users to collaborate on 3D designs and present them easily to clients. Tian is responsible for the strategic development of the company's product portfolio, including its primary product, Modelo. He is also responsible for building out and managing the company's internal technology infrastructure. Tian grew up in China, but he came to the United States to study at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Upon successfully graduating with a Masters of Industrial Design from RISD, he worked in a design studio in New York City and immediately before joining Modelo, he worked at an industrial design startup in Cambridge, MA.
Outside of work, Tian can be found at the nearest rock climbing gym.

Hongwei Li

As Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Hongwei Li is responsible for Modelo's technological backend. Since joining the team as Modelo's first engineer in October 2014, Hongwei has been a central figure behind the development of Modelo's proprietary algorithms and advocates using these algorithms to disrupt incumbent workflows and outdated software applications within the AEC industry. He is an experienced full stack developer, with an active interest in WebGL, Virtual Reality (VR), game engine architecture, node.js, and dev-ops. Prior to joining Modelo, Hongwei worked at semiconductor maker, NVIDIA, and AMD. Hongwei holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
Hongwei is an avid photographer when he is not in the office or in front of a computer.

Dan Amato

Joining the company in February 2017, Dan Amato is Modelo's Chief Sales Officer. In this role, Dan is responsible for the development and execution of Modelo's chief revenue acquisition strategies, including both new and recurring business revenue streams. Additionally, Dan works with the senior leadership team to define, develop, and implement Modelo's core business strategy. Prior to joining Modelo, Dan held various positions, all of increasing seniority, at Constant Contact where he played a pivotal role in the company's acquisition by Endurance (NASDAQ: EIGI). While at Constant Contact, Dan managed first the direct sales team and following the acquisition by Endurance, developed a sales team and process focused on cross-selling Endurance products to existing Constant Contact customers.
Dan holds a Bachelor of Science from Johnson and Wales University.
He spends his time outside of work helping local small businesses implement sales and marketing strategies. He can also be found on the golf course and, specifically, in the woods on the left side of the fairway.

Daniel Sims

Daniel joined the team in February 2017 as the Vice President of Marketing. In this role, he is responsible for the company's strategic brand awareness and demand generation efforts. Additionally, he oversees the execution of day-to-day tactical marketing initiatives across all marketing channels. He also works with the other members of the senior leadership team to define, develop, and implement the overall business strategy. An executive with a significant amount of North American and international experience, Daniel has previously held senior marketing and business development positions at several technology companies. Immediately prior to joining Modelo, he was a key member of the leadership team at private equity-backed GenArts, where he worked as part of the leadership team to ensure the company was successfully acquired.
Daniel holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Marketing and Sales from Curtin University and a Diploma of Commerce in Economics and Commercial Law from the Australian Institute of University Studies.
When he is not at work, Daniel can be found spending time with his family. A native of Australia, Daniel takes every opportunity to travel to reefs around the world to indulge his love of diving...he usually times these trips to coincide with the Massachusetts winter!

Modelo was built to enhance your workflow

Enhance your workflow with the collaboration and presentation tools needed for project growth and development. Present 3D models in the browser, create intuitive walkthroughs in seconds, explore your models in VR, embed models in your portfolio and store all your 2D assets in Modelo. Start revolutionizing your toolkit today and effectively communicate your project vision and goals.