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Introducing the SketchUp Android App: Design Anywhere, Anytime

Jan 30, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the SketchUp Android App, bringing the power of 3D modeling and design right to your fingertips. With the SketchUp Android App, you can now create, modify, and collaborate on your 3D models anytime, anywhere, directly from your Android device.

Whether you're an architect, designer, engineer, or hobbyist, the SketchUp Android App offers a seamless and intuitive experience for 3D modeling, allowing you to unleash your creativity on the go. The familiar and robust features of SketchUp are now optimized for the Android platform, providing a powerful toolset for design and visualization.

Key Features of the SketchUp Android App:

1. Create and Modify 3D Models: Use the familiar SketchUp modeling tools to create and edit 3D models directly from your Android device. The intuitive interface and smart drawing tools make it easy to bring your ideas to life in 3D.

2. View and Present in 3D: Visualize your designs in 3D and present them to clients, colleagues, or stakeholders with ease. The SketchUp Android App provides a dynamic and immersive way to showcase your designs on the go.

3. Collaborate and Share: Collaborate with team members and share your 3D models for real-time feedback and review. The seamless integration with the SketchUp ecosystem allows for effortless collaboration across devices and platforms.

4. Access to 3D Warehouse: Explore and download a vast library of 3D models from the 3D Warehouse, directly from the SketchUp Android App. Access a wealth of resources and inspiration to enhance your designs and speed up your workflow.

5. Work Offline and Sync: Design without limits, even when offline. The SketchUp Android App allows you to work on your 3D models offline and automatically syncs your changes once you reconnect.

The SketchUp Android App empowers you to design, iterate, and communicate your ideas wherever you are, revolutionizing the way you work on the go. Whether you're sketching conceptual designs, collaborating with a remote team, or presenting to a client, the SketchUp Android App enables you to stay productive and creative outside the confines of your desk.

Download the SketchUp Android App today and unlock a new dimension of design freedom on your Android device. Experience the freedom to design anytime, anywhere with the SketchUp Android App.