Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Digitize your design-build-manage workflows with collaborative, online 3D BIM tools.
Predictably, profitably, and productively connect intelligent workflows
BIM workflows to suit your needs
Conduct quantity takeoffs, collaborate, and deliver more projects, faster
Collaborating on Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects is made easy in Modelo. BIM properties and elements are automatically imported from compatible Revit files and support your entire design-build-manage process. The online 3D BIM tool allows users to calculate lightning fast 3D quantity takeoffs and analyze sectional material volumes. Any construction issues can be marked up directly on the design in the browser and team members notified. Project teams can collaborate, stay up-to-date, and access the progress of the project in one centralized, online platform - whether they are on the jobsite or in the office.
Collaborate through connected workflows
Connect project information and designs from the architectural office to the construction site
Real-time BIM collaboration unites teams - whether they are in the office or on the jobsite - with information within one, common, centralized environment. Information is placed at the center of your project allowing connected teams to quickly identify and resolve issues, stay in-sync from the office to the jobsite, and deliver projects faster and with greater efficiency.
Digitize your construction processes
Improve predictibilty and reduce project risk through connected workflows
Connect project teams, observations, building, and assets in one centralized platform that digitizes workflows and eliminates boundaries between design, planning, and construction. Data is placed at the center of your process and made it available in the cloud on any web-enabled, including mobile, devices.
BIM for Architects
Give your practice a competitive edge. Build geometry, explore design options, automate processes, and maintain model fidelity as you move from design to documentation. Work effectively with downstream project team members to deliver projects faster and with less risk using Modelo's cloud-based BIM collaboration tools.
BIM for Construction
Winover against today's biggest construction challenges by applying Modelo's intelligent BIM software tools that unify teams and prioritizes placing information at the core of a centralized platform. Make it easy for designers, engineers, contractors, and owners to participate in the design-build-manage process by digitizing your job sites and connecting workflows for design visualization, construction calculations, project progress tracking, issue resolution, and communication.
BIM for Engineering
Whether you are building roads, rails, or runways, Modelo's BIM (Building Information Modeling) tools can connect your teams and workflows to promote hightened project efficiency, predictibility, and minimized rework. By focusing on collaboration and access to information from anywhere at anytime, issues can be more easily anticipated, while projects are delivered faster and more profitably. to help make your infrastructure projects more resilient, productive, and profitable.

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