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Best FBX File Viewer Online Tools for 3D Modeling Enthusiasts

Dec 21, 2023

Are you a 3D modeling enthusiast looking for the best FBX file viewer online? Whether you are a professional designer or a hobbyist, having access to a reliable tool to open and view FBX files is essential for your workflow. Here are some top online platforms that enable you to seamlessly open and view FBX files:

1. Autodesk Viewer: Autodesk offers a powerful online FBX viewer that allows you to open, view, and review 3D designs in various file formats, including FBX. It provides features such as model inspection, sectioning, and measurement tools to analyze 3D models effectively.

2. is a versatile online 3D modeling and rendering platform that supports the FBX file format. It enables you to upload and view FBX files directly in your web browser, making it convenient for collaborative projects and sharing designs with clients or colleagues.

3. Sketchfab: Sketchfab is a popular platform for sharing and viewing 3D models, and it also supports the FBX file format. You can upload your FBX files to Sketchfab and explore them in an interactive 3D environment, complete with lighting and texture effects for a realistic viewing experience.

4. FBX Review: Developed by Autodesk, FBX Review is a dedicated tool for viewing FBX files with advanced features for analyzing and reviewing 3D models. It provides support for animation playback, camera manipulation, and markup tools to streamline the design review process.

5. pCon.planner: pCon.planner is a specialized space planning and visualization software that supports FBX files, allowing you to import and view 3D models in your projects. It offers a user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools for interior design and architectural planning.

6. 3D Viewer Online: 3D Viewer Online is a web-based platform that supports various 3D file formats, including FBX. You can drag and drop your FBX files into the viewer and explore them with options for rotation, zoom, and material rendering to examine the details of your 3D models.

7. BIMx: BIMx is a mobile and web app for exploring BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects, and it also supports the FBX file format. It allows architects, designers, and clients to navigate through immersive 3D models and access building information on the go for enhanced collaboration.

These FBX file viewer online tools offer convenient solutions for opening and viewing 3D models in the FBX file format. Whether you need to review designs, collaborate with peers, or showcase your creations, these platforms provide the necessary features to streamline your 3D modeling workflow.