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The 3 Types of Viewers You Encounter on Facebook

May 23, 2024

When browsing through your Facebook feed, you may come across a variety of viewers with different behaviors and interactions. Here are the 3 types of viewers you are likely to encounter on Facebook:

1. The Lurker: This type of viewer prefers to stay in the background, scrolling through their feed without liking or commenting on posts. They prefer to observe rather than engage, and you may never know they are following your updates unless they occasionally slip and accidentally 'like' something from a year ago.

2. The Engager: Unlike the lurker, the engager is actively involved in the content they come across. They are quick to like, comment, and share posts that capture their interest. These viewers enjoy interaction and often seek out conversations with others on the platform. You can usually count on the engager to provide feedback on your posts and keep the conversation flowing.

3. The Over-Sharer: This viewer can't help but flood everyone's feed with their own updates and shares. They may post numerous times a day about their every thought and activity, often without much consideration for their audience. Their timeline is a continuous stream of personal updates, memes, and articles that can quickly overshadow other content.

Whether you find these viewers amusing, annoying, or somewhere in between, they are an inevitable part of the Facebook experience. Understanding the different types of viewers can help you navigate your social media interactions and tailor your content to cater to the different audience preferences. Next time you scroll through your feed, take note of the various viewer types and consider how they may influence your own Facebook behavior. Who knows, you might even find yourself fitting into one of these categories!