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UNBUILT: Particulate Forest

This week’s post features Jennifer Ng’s Particulate Forest. View the 3D model here.

Jennifer Ng
Instructor: Meredith Miller
University of Michigan
Propositions Studio, December 2014

Particulate Forest is discursive exploration into the engagement of spatial configurations with ambient or imperceptible conditions of the atmosphere. Through the attraction of dust, exhaust, pollen and other waterborne particulates, the forest acts as a translational device to its milieu; directly observing the environmental composition it is situated within.

The forest is composed of various types of material modules that possess specific means of collecting particulates such as the use of electrostatic charge, humidity sensitive fabric, photovoltaic technology and phase change mediums. The placement of each fabric module is situated within either the surface screen or a revolved core, its materiality is dependent on its altitude as well as location within the overall assembly.

Over time, the joints between modules disintegrate under the weight of accumulated particulates and allow for the interaction with adjacent modules to transmute and alter the spatial experience within the forest. Through modes of indexing and accretion, the Particulate Forest partakes in an investigation of representing temporality and the force of pollution through the physical degradation and ruin of materiality and space.

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