Architectural Rendering with Modelo

Architectural rendering – the preview of how an architectural design will look after it has been completed. Architects love this high-powered tool because it enables them to create lifelike 2D and 3D visualization of these designs, giving project contractors, owners, and even the general public a full look at the building’s final aesthetics.

Architectural rendering history

Before architectural rendering came along, architects create these visualization images by hand. Specialized artists would use traditional mediums such as pencil and paint to translate a project’s blueprints into scenes that could give a good impression of the finished construction. 

Although some architectural renderings like artworks cannot be ruled out, it is hard for architects to be able to accurately capture the project’s various features, including dimensions, proportions, textures, and lighting. So it significantly adds the costs to architects’ project expenditures because of the required expertise.

With the development of technic, the first generation of rendering software did arrive. However, due to its clunky performance, it usually took hours to render just a single image. Besides, rendering software is extremely expensive so that outsourcing was still a necessity.

Fortunately, things changed by Modelo, which it’s possible to create architectural rendering free online now. Ease of use and an intuitive interface allows architects to DIY their renders and get stunning results in minutes freely. Best yet, architects can go far beyond traditional models with the creation of videos and 360 booth that can be explored in different material combinations.

Benefits of adopting Modelo architectural rendering

Using a modern program to create 3D renders brings so much to the table. It helps architects streamline their process, win more projects, gain client confidence, and even produce better designs.

  • Demonstrate value to potential clients

    Having fully detailed, explorable 3D renders means that architects don’t have to leave anything to the imagination. Clients and investors can get a complete view of proposed designs, enabling them to understand what the project will accomplish and how the design and specifications are justified. 

    This helps firms win projects they’re submitting proposals for, and also helps to improve communication and collaboration with clients. Project stakeholders can have a clear representation of what they’re getting before the first brick is even laid. 
  • Cut unnecessary costs and time from the design stage

    Modelo is free easy-to-use software that can get their renders done ASAP and avoid the problems that can come with third-party invoicing. Because of Modelo’s free features, architects have almost no design costs when rendering. As a result, architects can quickly track project decisions, and stakeholders and contractors can make assessments more easily.
  • Provide more possibilities for architectural design

    Programs like Modelo use advanced algorithms to produce the most realistic environmental effects for architectural renders. Various environment templates are provided for enabling users to simulate their model in the real world. Moreover, Modelo offers a real material library that can be reflected and changed in the renderings.

Modelo makes architectural rendering easy

Modelo has earned a reputation as one of the industry’s best tools for empowering architects to make their own high-quality renders. The user-friendly software doesn’t require expert knowledge to use; it simplifies the creation of 3D models and 2D images so that any team can get the job done themselves. Try it at no risk to see how it can streamline your workflow and propel your firm’s success. 

3D Model Free Online Rendering – Only in Modelo!

If the previous Modelo redefines the way of model display, delivery, and design collaboration, then with the release of the latest Modelo 2.0, we are taking a big step towards exceptional visual quality and rendering. At the end of 2021, Modelo provides all users with an excellent gift: 3D model free online rendering. Users can quickly produce photo-realistic renderings or videos of 3D models and share them with everyone with one click.

Modelo uses unique cloud-based rendering services to produce high-definition renderings. It means you don’t need to worry about your computer’s GPU performance and hours of rendering time instantly become minutes. 

In addition to fast rendering of high-definition images, Modelo rendering also another four core advantages:

Various scene templates

  • Modelo provides a large number of beautiful scenes for rendering your models. Whether in the courtyard, beach, city, or even on Mars, you can intuitively see the effect of the model in these scenes. We will also update more templates regularly to create more rendering possibilities.

High simulation material library

  • Modelo rendering has a rich and realistic material library. With the help of a high-speed rendering engine and optimization algorithms, Modelo can not only replace the material of the model’s roof, exterior wall, garage, window frame, and other components but also preview the effect of the replacement in real-time. 

Efficient interactive display

  • In order to improve user display efficiency and enrich delivery methods, Modelo has three following rendering display modes: 

    Photo: Single high-definition rendering of selected angle
    360 booth: Custom high-definition rendering combination, users can view the rendering effect from any angle
    Video:  Use model renderings to produce high-definition video and provide dynamic effects

    Besides, Modelo also provides a simple interactive display function which enable users to see the effect of model components in different materials and scene seasons.

One-click display on all devices

  • Modelo rendering also inherits the long-standing features of high compatibility and easy sharing. With just one click, people will see the rendering effect with your personalized settings on mobile phones, tablets, computers and all devices.

Whether you are rendering photos, ring shots or videos, it’s all free now. Don’t wait anymore, come and upload the model for free rendering now.