How does Modelo redefine the standard of Project Delivery

This months marks the two year anniversary of Modelo’s first product Modelo DAM (Digital Asset Management), which was launched out of beta at the AIA convention in April 2017.

In just two years DAM has achieved record-high usage, as of this month, we have:

Thanks to our strategic partners, our users and our community members, Modelo DAM has achieved the following progress:

Let our users tell their story of using Modelo and how it has improved their communication and workflow efficiency:

In just two years time Modelo has grown from a single-product start-up to a SaaS company that provides tailored and data-centric solutions serving the entire building cycle from design, construction, to facility managment. Our customer base has expanded into all stake-holders in the building industry from investment, design, construction, to facility magement, and our products cover integrated design asset management, to BIM, BI and AI technologies. Here is Modelo’s current product roadmap.

View Revit Files Online

View BIM properties and elements from Revit in 3D

How do you view a Revit file if you don’t have Revit installed on your computer? Or when you don’t have the correct version of Revit installed. Look no further, Modelo’s new support for Revit will save you thousands of dollars every year on maintaining Revit licenses.

Simply drag and drop your Revit files into Modelo’s upload window, you would be able to view the 3D design and all the 3D element’s BIM information right in your browser.

You can search families and types. The searched elements will be highlights to give you a quick count of the items.

Revit BIM data to Excel

There are many ways to download Revit schedules to excel but do you know the element properties can also be downloaded as an excel document? Having these properties downloaded into excel you can quickly make quantitative analysis that helps you make the right business decisions.

And the best part of this is – You don’t even need to maintain a Revit license to do it! Simply upload the file to Modelo, and we will convert the 3D file into a data sheet that can be downloaded with a simple click. No installation required, no Revit license required.  You can save thousands of dollars on software licensing fees every year.

Step 1 – Drag and Drop your Revit file into Modelo, we support Revit 2015 to 2019.

Step 2 – Open Share Tool Bar and click to “Download BIM Data”.

View, Collaborate, and Markup 3D BIM Properties & Elements from Revit

Modelo supports your complete design-build-manage process by with a robust, collaborative online BIM tool. Modelo automatically imports BIM properties and elements from compatible Revit files. By predictably, productively and profitably connecting workflows, utilizing BIM in Modelo permits team members to more completely navigate models, conduct lightning fast 3D quantity takeoff calculations and analyze sectional material volumes, mark-up the design with their comments, and digitize their construction sites and processes – all in an online tool accessible from any device.

Collaborating on Building Information Modeling projects is made easy in Modelo. The online 3D BIM tool allows users to quickly calculate the volume of materials required, construction costs, or any other number of construction-related calculations. These estimates can then be recorded and shared through Modelo and any construction issues that are foreseen in the design can be marked up directly on the design in the browser and addressed prior to construction beginning.

For those asking ‘What is BIM?’, or Building Information Modeling, it is a 3D model-based process that gives AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) professionals a wealth of information to intelligently plan, design, construct, and manage infrastructure and building projects. Put simply, BIM digitizes the design-build-manage process so that professionals throughout the entire lifecycle are working more effectively and proficiently handing over documentation.

To see Modelo’s collaborative 3D BIM software tool in action, take a moment to check out the overview video below:

BIM elements and properties are automatically imported into Modelo from applicable Revit models. To access the BIM information, simply click the BIM button in Modelo’s toolbar. From there, under ‘Project Browser’, it is a simple case of clicking your desired ‘Selection Sets’ to view detailed information on a design’s components including the area, volume, length, location and other important details.

Helpfully, there is a search bar, which you can use to quickly find any component in the design.

Using BIM in Modelo is available as an add-on feature for Modelo Business customers. To upgrade or purchase BIM, please contact Modelo on or call +1 (617) 945-8692.

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Real-time Architectural Plug-in for Revit | Modelo

In this post, we will explain the value of the real-time architectural plug-in for Revit in Modelo. The Modelo Revit exporter plug-in enables the user working in Revit to upload any 3D model they have open directly into a specified project and folder in Modelo within seconds. All of your materials associated with the 3D model such as project assets, views, scenes, layers and textures automatically upload into Modelo faster than anything else in the market, in a very seamless way.

At its core, Revit is designed for modeling, which is an individual behavior. The software is not meant for communication, collaboration, storage, management, or anything else besides 3D modeling. This type of behavior does not apply to the full start-to-finish collaborative process that makes up the design process.

Which brings us to ask the question, how do you like viewing 3D models in Revit? Do you ever feel the pain of waiting several minutes for your Revit model to load? Do you feel the pain of waiting as you spin your large model? What are the possibilities if you, as a designer, could spend less time waiting for a model to load and more time focusing on design? Why spend valuable time waiting when you can easily use Modelo to view your 3D model?

Modelo consolidates your file to the point where it is easily loaded and runs faster than any other software in the market. With the time it takes to load and view your 3D model in Revit, you and your team could have made 10 comments, dropped a few waypoints to create an animated walkthrough, marked-up the design, and emailed a URL link of one of your views with your client. All of this work and feedback is shared automatically in real-time to your team.

Modelo can be used at all stages of the design process. Say you are working on a 50-story building and you have the first story done in Revit. The typical process is to print that out, pin the views on the wall, call the team over and mark it up. Now you can export that first floor file with all the views to your team to then be commented on from anywhere, whether it be at their desk, from their phone or on an iPad. Feedback is delivered in a much faster way through the communication aspect of Modelo.

By using the Modelo Revit plug-in you automatically improve efficiency, improve your workflow, save time, and gain business innovation. From a Principal’s standpoint, what would this mean for your ROI? From a Designer’s standpoint, what would having more time to design and collaborate mean for the quality of your work? With Modelo you have unlimited possibilities. Upload your model from Revit to Modelo today and create a FREE forever account!