Modelo’s Academic Program | Modelo for Students & Professors!

Modelo’s Academic Program Modelo for Students & Professors!

Modelo offers academic accounts for students and educators of accredited courses. 

If you’re a student or educator in an architectural or 3D design program, you will be eligible to access to the Academic version of Modelo using your “.edu” email address. This means students and educators working with 3D modeling software like Rhino, Revit, SketchUp, Vectorworks and others will be able to present their designs, share feedback, manage projects and transfer files all from a single web-based platform (works on phones and tablets too).

Did we also mention Modelo is the fastest real-time 3D rendering platform in the industry?

Why Free for Student and Academics? 

Modelo was conceived as a thesis project by founder and CEO Qi Su during his studies at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. After experiencing his own difficulties sharing and presenting 3D models in both class and professionally he decided to develop a prototype to represent student projects in real-time. After a lot of hard work, we have transformed that prototype into a fully fledged software company providing 3D presentation and communication solutions to some of the world’s most renowned international architecture firms.

For a project born in the academy, we feel it’s only right to provide the service to digital-native students to help them communicate and present their designs and prepare for the professional world.

Why Now?

During the fall semester of 2015 and spring semester of 2016, Modelo was piloted with a few select academic programs. Our users found considerable success with a number of the platform’s key capabilities. Being able to communicate directly through 3D models in a browser-based environment was a big change for the professors and lecturers using the tool. For the students too, Modelo proved to be an invaluable tool.

Since that time, Modelo has come a long way. We’ve support for new formats, created new administrative user types, improved our mobile experiences, added VR with Google Cardboard, added a ton of 3D Viewer control enhancements and a whole bunch of other awesome stuff. The time is right to open the gates and see how students can use Modelo in new and experimental ways to represent their 3D designs.

Get Started

If you’re interested and would like to learn more, please reach out to Modelo’s Customer Success Manager, Phoebe Zhang at using your .edu address and provide your full name, educational institution, and proof of enrollment. More information below:

1. Send your syllabus or proof of enrollment to Phoebe Zhang at
2. Professors: send your class size and course start date and end date
3. Register for a free account first with your .edu email, then your account will be upgraded
4. Students will receive a 1 year, individual license. If you like to access Modelo’s sharing and collaboration functionality, please ask your professor to reach out to Phoebe Zhang at
5. Professors: you can set up access for your whole class, which includes access to Modelo’s collaboration and sharing functionality. Please email Phoebe Zhang at to set up a time to discuss your needs.

Only those with complete information will be answered; incomplete inquires will be ignored. We will then respond with your Modelo login credentials within 5 business days.

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