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In this post, we’ll highlight the top 5 things that architects can improve on during client presentations. Client presentations are a huge part of our job as architects and communicating your vision to clients should be clear and engaging. Read on to learn how to create interactive 3D presentations and utilize Virtual Reality with clients.

A typical CAD interface

1. Directly showing clients a CAD modeling interface
Let’s face it, people like to see stuff in 3D, but CAD modeling software like Rhino, SketchUp or Revit is too complicated and overwhelming for non-users to understand. Many cases have shown that clients love the interactiveness of presentations, like animations, VR etc. 

Image courtesy of BIG

2. A lack of back-up options beside renderings
Clients get hooked on with very minor things in one image and sometimes don’t let go. It’s always nicer to have more renderings and more design options to show, however with demanding deadlines, we never have enough time to make those happen. Nonetheless, it’s important to have multiple images to back up your renderings.

Miscommunication can lead to terrible results

3. Spending too much time and money on what the client doesn’t want 
Before the presentation, everything we do is based on our assumptions. We need to better communicate with our clients from the beginning. Other service-based industries like law or consulting firms all have a client-centric approach, which means more communication in order to understand what they really need. 

Clients usually don’t understand or appreciate complicated drawings.

4. Presentation materials that are too theoretical or diagrammatical
There is such thing as “too much architectural dialogue.” Most architects are trained to present designs in an abstract and philosophical way. In reality, people don’t think or understand in that way, especially if they are not in the industry.

Be like an architect

5. Lack of style
Style is relative, but as architectural professionals, it’s always better to show your clients that you have something special. Styles could be the way you talk, present, dress and of course, your design. 

At Modelo, we are building a platform that help architects to communicate the vision of their design to clients and other stakeholders. We believe with the right tools, architects and building professionals can save lots time and money on the non-design and building tasks. We already work with 3D software all the time, but we are not taking advantage of it, like making it intuitive and accessible for everyone so that we can focus on what we do best. Creating interactive 3D presentations and utilizing Virtual Reality is key for communicating your vision clearly to clients. Read this 5-step process to take the first to learn how to create an interactive 3D presentation in Modelo. 

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