Delivering on Photorealistic Renderings to Avoid Time-wasting and Rework with Modelo

Turning a design plan into a photorealistic rendering is a labor and resource-intensive process that can take weeks to produce. The process is usually slowed down by coordination and communication difficulties, such as the necessity to gather and compile all final plan information, send out images and await feedback, and attempt to interpret the feedback provided through long-winded emails. All of this happens among project teams before the render can truly be initialized.

Eventually, after all this work is done, a beautiful rendering is produced. Game over, right? Well, not so fast. The rendering now has to be presented and meet the expectations and vision of the client. And what happens if it doesn’t? Then, as many design teams we have talked to have gone through, an even longer rework process is underway that is going to drain time, resources, and money, ultimately inhibiting project delivery and the ability to move on to acquire new projects.

With Modelo, the time it takes to produce a rendering will be cut down significantly, and you will be able to deliver on client expectations once that final rendering is completed, avoiding all that rework that firms are experiencing on a regular basis.

By providing a centralized platform for collaboration and communication around 3D models and 2D assets, all the information that needs to be gathered and accessed to produce a final rendering is all in one place that can be accessed by all project members and stakeholders. All the marking-up and feedback that needs to occur in order to produce a final rendering can be done right within Modelo in real-time from any device, any where, on a platform that everyone on the team has access to. No need to print and scan images, draft emails and access files from different locations. Furthermore, that final rendering can be stored and shared right within Modelo.

Even more importantly, the unprecedented tools and abilities Modelo provides for communication and collaboration with clients will eliminate the need to a long rework process. With Modelo, models, design options, walkthroughs, flythroughs, views and assets can be easily shared with clients through URL links, allowing the client to be involved with the design from the early stages to the end, allowing for more efficiency and less surprises when it is time for that final rendering.

Save time and effort by collaborating in 3D in Modelo. Try it out for yourself by signing up for free today.

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