5 ways Modelo Can Help You To Improve Client Communication

Modelo is a multifunctional platform used to collaborate on 3D models and 2D assets with your clients by inviting them into your project, or by sharing any part of your model with a simple and unique URL. No downloads required! Below, we’ll outline the 5 ways that Modelo can improve client communication.

  1. Invite clients into your project
    By sharing a quick and unique URL link, you can automatically invite clients to load any part your 3D model on their mobile device, tablet or laptop. Modelo eliminates any downloading or logging in from the client-side. It only includes a simple click of a link and clients are immediately immersed in your 3D design, free to view whichever scenes or attachments you specify.
  2. Quick Screen Captures 
    Eliminate the long loading times and system lag that’s commonly experienced in CAD software with our screen capture tool. Capture a view from anywhere in your model in seconds. Like anything else in Modelo it can be saved, downloaded and shared with clients.
  3. Client Engagement
    Your client has the ability to comment on your specific scenes to voice which areas they like or which areas may need adjustments. Hearing this feedback directly and early on in the design process eliminates rework later on. Clients can now visualize the 3D design in an easy way on any mobile device.
  4. Share Design Assets
    A client no longer needs to download anything or login to view assets including, drawings, floor plans, site layouts, model photos, quick renderings or essentially any document you need to communicate to the client. Modelo uploads all of your assets into one single folder associated with a project and also generates a unique URL for each to be shared to the client or attached to a view, perfect for presentations.
  5. Walkthrough Feature
    Modelo is the fastest and easiest way to create a walkthrough animation in the industry. Simply by dropping a few waypoints on your floor plan, setting the camera angle and hitting play you can create a smooth walkthrough that recognizes the average height of a human from the ground. You can even climb stairs! This walkthrough can be shared with a unique URL to your client again, in order to gain immediate feedback in a quick and easy way for the client to understand the space in the earlier design stages.

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