Free Rendering -Modelo KooRender is coming

Do you know that you can get free rendering without any software now? In 2020, Modelo will release a lot of new features. Modelo’s high-fidelity mode – KooRender, is the debut of a series of features that have been developed by Modelo for more than a year. It’s also the beginning of Modelo 2.0.

Architects and designers usually have high requirements for the 3D model rendering quality and rendering speed. There are several rendering software in ACE industry, such as Lumion, Vray, and Enscape. Some software such as Vray focuses on rendering quality and others such as Lumion focuses on rendering speed. While Enscape is one of the successful software that can balance these two factors. Thus, Enscape also represents the rendering celling currently.

However, everything will change because KooRender is coming. Koorender is a high-fidelity rendering mode of Modelo DAM. Right now, KooRender reaches an equal visualization level of Enscape. But we will surpass Enscape’s rendering level in the near future.

Besides, KooRender has the highest rendering speed in the world now. After you finish setting up proper parameters, you can change to the KooRender mode and switch between these two modes in one click.

Last but not least, unlike other rendering software, KooRender focuses on lightweight and is browser-based. It means you don’t need to spend time and effort to install redundant kinds of software on your local computers. Everything can be finished on the websites.

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