What is the Modelo Studio Planand what does it include? | Modelo Blog

Modelo’s individual package provides the user a lot of capabilities within Modelo’s platform, however for just $25 a month, you can take advantage of Modelo’s integral features that will save you time and money in the long run.

Modelo’s main purpose is to be a presentation and collaboration platform for 3D CAD designs. With the Individual Package, your collaboration capabilities are limited. When you upgrade to the Studio Package, you unlock many features that allow you as the designer to collaborate in an organized and meaningful manner. With our screenshot and markup tools, you can communicate your ideas to stakeholders directly on your design.

You can also assign tasks to people by tagging them in a comment in the design and effectively communicate directly in Modelo. With Modelo’s helpful collaboration features you will be able to save time through the creative process of your designs as it will be easy to make your own edits and take the comments of others simultaneously in one, organized online platform.

Additionally, upgrading to the Studio Package gives you access to many sharing features that gives you the ability to export your designs and the flexibility to share your designs. With our Studio Package you can bring your designs to your client and impress them in presentations by embedding your walkthroughs and 3D models. You can also embed your walkthroughs onto your website, which is sure to make a great first impression with our best-in-class rendering and smooth walkthrough design. Plus, you can upload a background image of your choice in Modelo to present to your clients.

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