4 Awesome Panorama Images of Boston Courtyards

For this post, we sent our intern, Ian, on a quest to take 360º panorama images of the nicest courtyards in the immediate Boston area. Here’s what he found!

The Boston Public Library
Built in 1848, the Boston Public Library is a gorgeous building with a beautiful courtyard. With pillars, a fountain and a statue of an angel, the courtyard is extravagant but also it is still tasteful. A wonderful place to enjoy a book and cup of coffee!

Isabella Gardner Museum
This indoor courtyard is different than the rest. With colorful flowers and multiple statues this courtyard is heavily decorated. Additionally, as you ascend up and around the museum, you can always look down on the beautiful courtyard from new heights. Relaxing, tranquil, a must visit!

The Prudential
The courtyard outside the Prudential is great for anyone looking to take a shopping break. It is an open and more urban courtyard. With a beautiful fountain and grassy area, you almost forget where you are. A great place to read a book, enjoy lunch or just get some sun.

Museum of Fine Arts
At the Museum of fine arts is a lovely courtyard. With chairs and tables it is a great place to relax after a long day of walking around the museum. Plenty of shade to relax! Pro Tip: go after 4 PM and you get into the museum for FREE!

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