View Rhino Files in VR with Modelo

Experiencing your Rhino models in VR has never been easier with Modelo. The first step is uploading your Rhino model into Modelo. We’ve created a guide for how to do that here:

Once your Rhino model has been converted to Modelo, you can create customized VR experiences for your team to use when evaluating design options and for your clients to engage with and understand your design vision throughout the process.  

Our unique comment card feature allows for custom VR experiences for Rhino models. Views and design options created in Rhino are imported to Modelo as comment cards and new views can be created and saved as comment cards within Modelo. These 3D views are very easy to create and are a powerful tool for VR.

When viewing your Rhino models in VR, these 3D views can be cycled through using the clicker on your google cardboard. This allows Rhino VR to be applied easily throughout the design process for team collaboration and client communication. Your team will be able to use Modelo to instantaneously visualize different design options, allowing more informed decision making and better design work. For client communication purposes, the 3D views can be arranged to create a VR walkthrough tour of your Rhino model. Learn how to create VR tours in Modelo here.

The beauty of using Modelo for your Rhino files in VR for client communication is how easily it can fit into your workflow. Your Rhino VR experiences can be shared with clients instantaneously with a URL link. Your client doesn’t need to download any application or software, nor do you need to implement a complicated VR setup.  

All clients need to experience your vision in VR is a mobile device, an internet connection, and a Google Cardboard. Bring some branded Google Cardboards to your onsite presentation for an added layer of engagement, or send them over to your client in advance so they can view your model in VR and provide educated feedback throughout the design process. Implementing VR into your worklfow and using it to deliver on client expectations has never been easier than it is with Modelo.

Learn about our VR requirements and our compatibility with Google Cardboard. Sign up to Modelo for FREE today to start viewing Rhino files in VR!

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