Convert 3D Models to GLTF Format Online for Free – Modelo

GLTF (GL Transmission Format) is a 3D file format that stores 3D model information in JSON format which minimizes both the size of 3D assets and the runtime processing needed to unpack and use those assets. It was adopted for the efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models by applications. You can use Modelo to convert 3D models from and to GLTF format online for free.

How to convert 3D models to GLTF in Modelo?

It only takes two steps to convert 3D models to GLTF files in Modelo:

Upload models to Modelo: Modelo supports nearly all kinds of mainstream 3D models format. No matter your model is in any format such as obj, 3dm, skp, etc., you can directly upload the model by dragging to Modelo. Modelo also has a unique Revit plugin for convenient upload.

Export to GLTF: Via Modelo’s export and share function, the model can be transformed to GLTF format in minutes. Then you can download this model to your local.

Isn’t that easy? Try to upload your model and transform it to GLTF now!

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